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Pets are welcome, don't leave your furry friend behind! All dogs are required to be controlled by their owner at all times. Owners must be responsible and immediately pick up after their pet and deposit waste in the appropriate waste bin. Cats are also allowed at the park but may not roam freely and must remain inside the RV at all times. 

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River Rim & Big Horn RV Park Rules

  • No loud or obnoxious noise or behavior at any time- this includes loud vehicles. Quiet hours are from 9 PM to 7:30 AM.

  • Abide by all rules and duties of being a Tenant at the RV Park and in the State of Oregon.

  • Violence of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  • Children should always be under the watchful eyes of a parent/guardian. Please use good judgement if you decide to leave your children at the park when you are gone. We are not responsible for their safety or welfare. You are liable for their behavior.

  • Only 2 pets are allowed per space. These pets must be on the lease at time of renting the space.  If pets are added after the lease is signed, then the tenant must notify the landowner and get the landowner to add the pet (if approved) to the lease.  Absolutely no pets other than service animals are allowed in the office or laundry. NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK.  

  • A 6 foot leash must be used whenever your pet is outside of the RV. Owners must be responsible and immediately pick up after their pet and deposit waste in the appropriate waste bin. Dogs are not to be left unattended outside. Cats are also allowed at the park but may not roam freely and must remain inside the RV at all times. 

  • Pet rules are to be observed at all times. If your guests bring a pet it is your responsibility to advise them and enforce the rules. Your guests’ actions are your responsibility. Guests do not possess any rights within the park.

  • Separate trash from recyclable material. Recyclable material must be compacted to the best of your ability. All items must fit completely into the bins provided.

  • We are on a septic system so please be conservative on the amount of paper products you flush down toilets. Please do not allow items such as wipes and feminine products to go into our septic system. A positive sewer seal at both ends of the sewer hose is required. 

  • Two vehicles only per RV space if your space is large enough. Please park parallel to your RV out of the main drives. Your vehicles and those of guests must be parked only in your space. Never assume it is okay to park a vehicle in an open/empty space or in front of the building at the center of the park. All vehicles in the park must be in operational condition. Repairs on vehicles cannot be done in the park without permission.

  • Dangerous cliffs are located to the rear of the RV Park. This area is common ground belonging to Crooked River Ranch (CRR). Please use extreme caution as it is a vertical fall of several hundred feet.

  • All of CRR is a fire sensitive area. No campfires and please do not use charcoal briquettes as there is not a safe place to dispose of them.

  • The speed limit all throughout the RV Park is 5 mph MAXIMUM. 

  • The speed limit on the main road adjacent to the park is 10 mph MAXIMUM.


  • CLOTHES LINES ARE NOT ALLOWED. NO CHEATER BOXES OR PIGTAILS ALLOWED. The RV Park is not responsible for any electrical components on RV’s.

  • Drug use, possession, selling, or distribution by you or your guests is strictly prohibited. 

  • Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, illegal drugs, obscene language, obnoxious, disruptive or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated. They will be reason for immediate eviction without refund.

  • Illegal drugs of any form are prohibited on the property. Person(s) caught in violation of this rule are subject to immediate eviction without a refund. Person (s) knowing of any illegal activity are encouraged to notify the management immediately. Any information reported will be strictly confidential.

  • All park facilities and equipment of the park is intended for the convenience of the guests. Any and all persons using the facilities do at THEIR OWN RISK and consent. The park management is NOT RESPONSIBLE for accident due to fire, theft, wind, flood, personal negligence, acts of God or other unfortunate circumstances. The registered guest is financially responsible for all individuals or pets at their site for any/all damage to the park.

River Rim RV Park Map

River Rim RV Park Map

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